Useful Smart Home Gadgets

The technology is rapidly evolving and the concept of smart homes is becoming increasingly popular. The concept revolves around the fact that every gadget in your home is able to interact with you in multiple ways. The gadgets provide you with real time notifications on your smart phone. You can view reports on your gadget activity and perform basic functions like turning on/off a gadget or tweaking it’s settings. Not only do the gadgets interact with you, they also interact with each other. For instance you’ve got clothes in your smart washing machine and you are watching the television. You will be notified on your television that the clothes have been done by the washing machine. Similarly, the room lighting changes according to your mood – when you are going to sleep, the lighting fades and vice versa when you are awake.

Following are some of the useful smart home gadgets we were able to find for you:

Heating Control


British Gas has introduced smart heating app known as Hive Active heating which connects your phone to your central heating system. The Hive system has to be connected to the internet since the commands are sent via online cloud. The app alerts you in various situations, like in case you’ve left your home while the heating is still on. Some of the pros are that in case there are any issues, you can manually control your system and the system is deployed by the British Gas so you don’t have to do a thing. One of the con is that this system┬ácan’t interact with other systems via API and therefore, one has to rely on the app.


Philips Hue


The Philip hue features a smart home lighting solution involving your home lightening connected to a central system along with color changing lights. A hue hub is deployed that has the ability to interact with around 50 hue devices. Therefore, based on your mood, the lightening changes its intensity and colors. For example, in your garden, you can change the setting to display green and light shades, whereas in your sports room, you could use bright colors with shining lights. One of a major pro for Philip Hue is that users are not restricted to the official app, but there are various third party apps available as well to control Hue which provides more flexibility to the user.

Belkin Wemo Switch and Motion


The Balkin Wemo device features a switch along with a motion sensor which allows you to turn on / off your power appliances connected to the switch simply by triggering the motion sensor. This is a very powerful feature in the smart home so whenever you leave or enter the house, you have the appliances in the respective state accordingly. Moreover, the switches can be controlled based on the timing of the day, so this is not strictly linked to the motion sensor. Like the former apps we’ve talked about, the device comes with an Android / iPhone app which gives you total control of your socket.


Apple’s Air Play


The Apple Air Play technology allows compatible devices to interact with one another and stream media. With the combination of a few Apple products like iMac, iPhone, Airport Express Wifi Adapter and a great AirFoil app, a user is able to control the music from his smartphone / computer to different speaker locations.

These are some of the few gadgets which help you on your journey to a smart home. As we speak, more and more gadgets are being developed, so hopefully in the next few years, this would just be a normal thing. Everything would be connected to a central cloud and everything would be able to interact with one another from your sports racket and toothbrush to vacuum cleaners and cars.

Please let us know about your feedback in the comments below and share your thoughts and opinions on the Smart Home concept.



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