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Top 10 Smart Watches of 2014

In the past couple of years, the trend of using smart watches have increased manifolds. Just like smart phone evolution, smart watches are evolving everyday. For those of you who are new to this term, a smart watch is a computerized wrist watch with way more functionality than a simple watch used for timekeeping. The smart watch is able to connect with your smart phone, show you message & call notifications, track your health & fitness, keep you acquainted with news & weather and much more. This functionality makes your life easier than ever, as you don’t have to pull your smart phone for trivial tasks. Following are some of the top smart watches in 2014:

  • Moto 360

Have you ever thought that it is time that your wrist watch would do more than just telling time or date or at max being a stopwatch. Well if you can think of it how come developers have not tried making one? Interesting right?

Ever heard of Moto Watch? No? This is the watch that does way more than just telling time or date. It is the watch that keeps you up to date without taking away your time. It is the watch that helps you keeps the distance you have traveled; the route you took and obviously time you took. It is the wrist watch that keeps you connected to people and helps you control your social life. It is the watch that turns the future nuts and still camouflages as an ordinary watch. Ladies and gentlemen; Introducing “Moto 360”.

It comes with so much more. It offers you the Google Now assistance app. It tells you when you get emails, calls, reminders for meetings  and social network updates.  it helps in navigation; real time feedback when you reach the destination. It gets voice commands like a breeze. It can flash up QR code tickets when you are at the cinema or out at an airport. It warns you about the jelly fishes in the sea if you are at a beach and likely to catch waves.

  • Neptune Pine:

Neptune Smart watch has the tag line “What can you do with the world at arm’s length?”. They hold an enormous name in making line between having a mini computer on your wrist and having a smart watch very blur. One of the majore features of Pine is that it is actually itself a fully compatible Android Phone. It has 1.2 GHz dual-core SnapDragon processor, 32GB of memory, and a 5MP camera. All of these features make it useless to carry around a pocket sized phone when you can have it all at your wrist.

You can make calls. Receive them. Send and receive text messages, emails with a built in QWERTY keyboard on 2.4 INCH, full color capacitive touch screen. A very powerful Android voice input engine which helps you to enter text directly by speaking to your Pine smart watch.

You can conveniently browse the web as Pine is 2G / 3G/ 4G compatible. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth too.

You are never late in replying to a call or text or meeting or even for a birthday wish cause Pine has a discreet notification system that rings or vibrates as your choice. With the calendars, alarms, notes, voice recording and calculator Pine is always there for you as your helping hand. Always.

You can track yourself with the efficient GPS. Count your steps using the PEDOMETER. Find your way with the COMPASS and much more with the GRROSCOPE and ACCELEROMETER. Share your picture with the front and rear cameras, with LED flash, which also allow you to record videos and enables you to have a nice video chat. Pine entertains you by playing your favorite music. Showing you the videos. You could listen to them with the headphones or by the built in speaker. The perks don’t end here it has a very wide and long list. In short Pine is one of the top listed smart watches.



  • Sony Smart Watch 2 (SW 2):

Sony Smartwatch 2 is the first go throught for sony towards the smart watch market. Sony Smartwatch 2, before its release, was considered to be a remake of Sony Smartwatch 1; but when it came into the market it is now considered to beone of the best. Only if it had iOS in some folds it would definitly would have been ranked on the top.


Sony Smartwatch 2 is the world’s first Andriod compatible Smart watch which has one touch NFC. It is available in 3 colors; grey, black and white. In fancy terms you can say it is a remote for your smart phone.

It connects with your smart phone over bluetooth so what ever happens on your phone is reflected on your watch. There is a wide range of Sony Smartwatch 2 available on Google Play. It is very flexible in terms of operating System for you to customize it.

Since it is connected to your phone via bluetooth you can receive and make calls using a wireless bluetooth heads free. Your text messages and your emails, call log, twitter, facebook, gmail everthing just on your wrist. Just one touch and multi layer color touch screen comes to life and lets you browse and read all your notifications.

  1. i’m Watch:

“What your smartphone was missing before is finally here.”- i’m Watch.

Italian made i’m watch is considered to be one of the most modern looking smart watches ever. It feels so solid on your wrist. It connects with your smart phone by establishing a Bluetooth connection; helps you make calls and receive and send SMS, emails, notifications and helps you to access apps directly from your wrist. It allows you to connect to multiple phones Android operating systems 4.0+, iOS 4+ and Blackberry 10+. Allows you to check your Facebook account, twitter, Instagram, news, music, contacts, weather, photos even appointments. 1.54” color TFT LCD display, 240×240 pixels resolution and 220 pixels per inch. Available in multiple colors.

  1. Martian Smartwatch:

It is one of the elegant smart watches. It is designed by a simple use of extension of the smart phone.

Martian Smart watch offers hands free voice commands, messages, alerts display and camera control to your smart phone. All the features are combined with the sophisticated look of wrist watch; Martian Smart watch is perfect for someone who does not like to have a full smart phone on their wrists.

These come in different color and styles. From elegant black to trendy red wrist bands. From well-worn square to smooth round dials.

  1. Pebble Steel:

Pebble Steel is considered to be on the top rank of all the smart watches. Their tag line “It’s the little black dress of wearable tech” says it all. You can do whatever your smart phone allows you to on your Pebble Steel. It does way more than just telling time. It saves your time. Connects you with your people.

Gets connected to your phone using Bluetooth. It has 7 days of battery time on average. With battery capacity of 140 mAh and Lithium ion battery technology.  It is water resistant for 5 ATM. Built in fitness tracking. Music play back and controls. Tricolor status LED. It is android 2.3+ and iOS 5+ compatible. You get the notifications of Alarm, Calendar Reminders, E-mail, Facebook, Incoming and Missed calls, Text Message, Timer, Twitter and Weather. You can also get vibrating notification. You can shake your watch to dismiss the notifications. It has multiple sensors like Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor and Magnetometer. Screen size is 1.26 inches with 144 x 168 pixels. The display technology used is Black and White ePaper. Its display is Daylight Readable. With addition Anti-scratch lens. Available in multiple dial or case colors like Arctic White, Jet Black, Cherry Red, Orange, Grey. Wrist bands have only two colors; white and black. It comes with 1 year warranty and developer options.

  1. MetaWatch:

MetaWatch now usually know as Meta was considered to be one of the decent. Meta, instead of putting a whole computer on your wrist, focused on the mainstream costumers too.

You can set up customized notifications and displays as you want it and your personality speaks. Option of inverting the color to add style and increase visibility is also present. You can see the notifications from all of the apps by a single glance at your watch. One of the best things is that there are no locks to mess up this delicacy. You just have to look once and decide whether you want to respond or not. It gives you the control over your music wirelessly by providing simple gestures without touching your phone; does not matter it is in your pocket or on the night stand in the next room it makes connecting easy.

  1. Casio Sports Gear STB-1000

It connects with your phone using the Bluetooth. All you have to do is to use and install Wahoo Fitness app. This app helps to display the measurements on the watch. The watch shows the elapsed time, travels distance, your heart rate, lap time and other stats without even touching your phone. It shows three different types of data on your screen simultaneously automatically switching between the screens.

You can easily change the display as you require. You can customize as per your workout; for running, cycling or indoor workout. Helps you control your music remotely. Volume up or down, next or previous track, pause, play or stop. You can see the title of the song on the screen of the watch. It also receives push notifications from your iOS device about incoming calls with the caller id, emails, text messages, calendar events and the notification generated by other apps via vibration in your wrist watch. You can remotely set alarms, timers and count downs. It also has a phone finder.



  1. Apple iWatch:

It is one of the most beautiful and amazing wearable devices ever. It is available in three distinct styles; The Watch, Watch Sport and Watch Edition. Apple Watch contains everything to cater the technological needs of its customers. With their state of the art artistic and user friendly design, apple’s watch is there to sweep the market share in Smartwatches. As per claims from Apple, the watch is something that is totally extraordinary and promises to take the user experience to a whole new level where they can never really have to worry about anything ever again. Ranging from Stainless Steel, Aluminum, 18K pure Gold and 18K Rose Gold. Apple offers you a wide variety of straps to choose from; also pre included almost a dozen watch faces. The iWatch has more to offer than just show you the time.

The touch interface of the watch allows you to customize or set different messages or notes on the screen so that you can never miss a meeting or get alerted about an event on time. It has a built in fitness component which allows you to track your movement and capture your fitness graph over the day span. A touch compatible screen allowing you to send your contacts a little message in the form of a drawing or a little message that you can scribe up. What is more amazing that you can send your close ones your heart beat, taking the emotional value to a whole new and bigger level. Now you would never have to worry about carrying your wallet all around; with the iWatch being your wallet. You can do any kind of shopping; groceries, clothes, shoes and many more with just taking your watch near contactless reader and there you go.


  1. Echo Fit:

”Sports with your smart phone just got better”- Echo.

Echo solves the biggest problem for people who use smart phone while doing sports or working out. You can conveniently view and control your sports app while your phone is tucked nicely in to your gym bag or any other bag pack. Echo is water resistant to your swimming would not hurt it. It also tracks your steps and comes with the sleep tracker too. Echo helps you keep yourself fit during the day and helps you recover back during the night. Its streams the sports app data in real time; time yourself, the distance done elevation everything. Controls sports applications and your music libraries. Gives you the option to save and share your workout on the social media.

Without even stopping, you can just tap the screen to turn to the nest page of the application or the notifications. It takes low power so it lasts longer and less charging is required. It saves the battery of your smart phone too as it works as an external display. When you are not at sports or working out Echo Fit is an ordinary wrist watch still catching a one complete picture of your day. It is IPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S compatible; along with iPod touch 5th generation or higher; iPad mini; iPad 3rd generation or higher. Also with Android operating system 4.4 or higher.

If you have any valuable suggestions, comments or feedback, please let us know in the comment section below.

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