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Top 10 SEO Plugins for WordPress

Creating and managing excellent and informative content on your site does not hold any good if there is nobody to read it. In order to drive quality traffic to your site or blog, your site needs to be indexed by the major search engines and subsequently visited by users in your target community. Naturally Search Engine Optimization of your site becomes inevitable. For WordPress powered blogs, a number of premium and free plugins have been developed which perform many tasks critical to the SEO of your site. Some of these have been described in this article.


SEOPressor automates the on page SEO optimizations. It analyses content length and keyword density of a blog page and rates it from out of a 100% for the particular keyword. It optimizes title tags, image alt attributes and heading tags. It is very helpful to ensure the SEO of each post before publishing it. When you edit the post, it would recalculate its SEO scorecard. Note that it analyses only HTML content and does not take into account the meta tags and description. Plus it comes with a $47 tag.

Easy WP SEO:

Easy WP SEO is a more useful and one of the best WordPress SEO plugins with relatively small price tag and a whole bunch of features and tasks to accomplish. It optimizes the html content of the page against 23 SEO factors giving suggestions as well. Easy WP SEO also evaluates meta content, URL, title apart from page content.

 All In-One SEO Pack:

All In-One SEO Pack is one of the most popular and widely used WordPress SEO Plugins.  It generates the meta content, customize URL structures allows the control of search engine crawling and indexing.

 Platinum SEO Pack:

It is a multifunctional free SEO Plugin. It optimizes titles, automatically generates meta titles, tags and description, 301 redirects from any URL, performs canonicalization of URL’s, avoid duplication of content and much more. It is advisable not to use it with All In-One SEO Pack.

 WordPress SEO by Yoast:

One of the best you can find with excellent track record unlike All In-One SEO Pack. In addition to all the basic SEO features, it comes with functionality to create and XML sitemap and edit the robots.txt file in the root folder to control search engine spider’s movement. It optimizes the header of the page and 301 redirects from a URL by editing .htaccess file. Many bloggers feel more comfortable with this plugin.

 HeadSpace2 SEO:

It is yet another powerful plugin that facilitates generation of meta content, custom archives, analytics and much more. It is free to install and quite easy to use. HeadSpace2 is going on the top list of SEO Plugins this year.

 SEO Ultimate:

Apart from automatic generation of meta description, meta tags and meta title, it automatically creates and attaches the links provided by you. SEO Ultimate comes with 404 monitor, keyword research and internal link builder apart from slug optimizer.

 SEO Content Control:

With SEO Content Control, you can easily analyze and optimize the content on your blog. It highlights the issues and weak areas about content regarding SEO and give suggestions even in the case when you forget something.

 SEO Smart Links:

SEO Smart Link is very useful tool which automatically links important keywords and phrases to the existing content on your site, thus creating internal links. Options to control the crawling of pages and links are also given in the plugin. Both free and 3 premium versions of SEO Smart Links are available.

WP Super Cache:

Good speed of your blog is essential to its SEO. WP Super Cache improves the server performance, caches the browser, object and database. WPC reduces the download times and provides efficient and transparent Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Remember that every plugin is designed for a performing a specific task. You cannot install a single plugin and expect to do all the SEO stuff for you. So it is better to use more than one plugins in collaboration to attain the maximum possible benefit for your site. Choose wisely from any of the above that best suits you. Best of Luck!

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