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These Content Marketing Trends Will Dominate 2016

As a content director, you are responsible in planning and stepping up the game in content marketing. And now that the year’s about to end, you have to design your plan based on the marketing trends that can create the impact you are aspiring for. So, what are the content trends for 2016 you have to know?content marketing trends 2016

Content Marketing Predictions and Trends for 2016

  1. Mobile marketing will be the new normal. 198.5 million—it is the estimated number of Smartphone users in the US alone, not accounting all the rest of the world. Today, there’s a noticeable shift from desktop to mobile, being more and more apps (content apps) become the focus of web development.  This game changing trend is due to the increasing number of mobile phone users, who access the web to shop, communicate, browse and view visual content via their phone and mobile gadgets—tell tale signs you should be focusing your content marketing effort on mobile for 2016.
  2. SEO in social media is another prediction to watch out for in content marketing for 2016. It has become the new channel for search, obviously reflected in the change of user behavior when looking up information, products and services. Millions are recorded to be searching on social media, making SEO for Facebook and Twitter, for instance, an integral part of content marketing for 2016.  One reason is that users find more visual contents on social media than on search engines, as companies engage with them through their Pages, which visual contents, including videos, quotes, infographics and promos of their stores are published.
  3. Content is still king, and it’s obvious that it is best way to educate, inform and persuade customers. But this time, your audience will demand for higher quality of content. There is no wonder why, however. Hundreds and hundreds of websites go live every day, so it’s quite normal that competition is becoming tougher. One factor to help them survive (and you, too) is to focus on higher quality content, which is visually engaging, emotionally appealing and thought provoking content. Offer variety and focus on supremacy for content in 2016.
  4. Drive engagement with interactive and interesting content. Experts agree that content marketing shouldn’t be focused on the sell but on the story. A sale is more likely to be next if your content is interesting and interactive. A few examples could be an e-book or an infographic, but that’s not all. Tell your story in a multitude of ways, test and then monitor which among the practices work for you and your business.
  5. Episodic contents will also dominate 2016 and has to be one of the content marketing trends to consider and apply. It can organize your story that can keep your users hooked and engaged, as they build anticipation of it, but with breaks. Studies have spoken that narrative series of stories make lasting engagement and impact than one-off pieces.

This list of content marketing trends for 2016 isn’t exhaustive, but it’s a great way to start with your content plan with these elements to dominate the content marketing sphere for next year.

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