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Social Networking made easy with three in one iOS App, MyPad

Social Networking from your smartphone has never been so easy and simple as it has become now after the launch of updated version of MyPad. It allows the users of iOS devices to connect to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts at once from a single platform.

MyPad app comes up with the solution of the Catch-22 of having to flood the phone with the apps of all your social networks and then signing into each of them individually. With the user friendly interface of MyPad, you can now easily tweet on Twitter, post on Facebook and interact with Instagram Photos simultaneously. Swipe Based Navigation allows you to choose the social network you want to plunge into. Switching to multiple Facebook accounts is also enabled.

In addition, there is an interactive video player to watch videos on MyPad and a variety of games to play with your friends. You could download photos, view interactive and beautiful photo galleries, upload & edit bunch photos on Facebook and listen to free music from Hype Machine. Users also get recommendations of apps to download from MyPad.

After the update, about 3 million existing users have multiplied the sharing by about 10 times, according to TechCrunch. The app is currently only for iOS users with both free and premium versions. You could download the app directly from the iTunes from here.


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