Seven ways Instagram can help your marketing efforts

Instagram was originally seen as a trendy digital hangout for teens and it has morphed to a real social networking platform with great opportunity for companies. About a third of Internet users are now using Instagram and it is a unique way for business to provide consumers with visually engaging content. Here are ways Instagram could help our business:

1. Reach more internet users: Besides Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Internet users are now spending more time on Instagram and in the United States alone, users are spending about 12 billion minutes in the image-sharing network. Although it is still a drop in the bucket compared to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram offers companies the opportunity to make a presence in an image-centric network.
2. It’s easier to establish a presence and dominate a niche: In general, it is early enough for businesses to establish a presence in Instagram and dominate their market niche. As a comparison, it can be really challenging for small business to get noticed on Facebook for common niches, because millions of businesses are using the social platform. This should be a good time to find an alternative website where we can differentiate ourselves more easily. In the United States, only about 10 percent businesses are having a presence in Instagram and this is an amazing chance for those who plan to build the customer base. Instagram is being used by more and more potential customers and there’s no sign of slowing down. That’s the reason why we should get a foothold before the competition gets too intense.
3. Your brand is more augmented with visual content: Instagram offers you the ability to augment your brand with strong visual content and you could decide how we could best showcase your brand. Sharing pictures on Instagram offers you a huge advantage and there are different kinds of filters that can give a different feel and look to your images. It is easy for you to convey your messages and moods.
4. Visual content improves engagement: Social media platforms have significant presence in marketing world, more than ever before and according to studies, visual content should be an important business tactic to optimize our social media content. Businesses are able to keep their Instagram audience engaged by posting visual contents like behind the scenes images, graphic coupons, image-based quotes and infographics. It is also possible to post show short video clips to further elicit engagement and views. Visual content is very popular in social networks and we know that videos and images are incredibly huge on Twitter and Facebook. Like YouTube, Instagram is also a visual-centric platform and we should be able to deliver eye-catching images. These images can also be reused for Pinterest boards, blog and Facebook posts. For business users, it is easy to upload images with their Instagram app. They could take images with the phone’s camera and choose the one could appeal to consumers.
5. Posts are shown to all followers: Facebook may be a massive social platform, but it only shows our posts and content to a very small portion of our audience. Instagram shows all of our posts to each follower and this makes sure that our important content will be seen. Pictures are displayed in chronological order and if we post regularly, we should have a much better chance of getting seen by our followers.
6. On the go sharing is easier: More than any major networks, like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is intended and designed specifically for mobile use. It means that sharing is supposed to be easy and quick, regardless of where and when we post the images. It makes Instagram an ideal platform for sharing behind the scene and candid shots to elicit more significant engagement.
7. Good conversion rates: Instagram is known for its good conversion rates, even when compared to other popular social networking websites. Primary benefits of social media are more than just direct sales. For many Instagram users, high conversion rates are to be expected, especially when we use proper techniques. While Instagram doesn’t offer earth-shattering conversion rates, they are still among the highest in the internet.

Please let us know if the comments section below about your thoughts and suggestions related to marketing on social media. We appreciate useful comments that are thought provoking or provide useful insights.

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