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How Smart Social Media Marketing Benefits Your Business

Back in the days, social media (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…) was used for connecting with family and friends, uploading and posting photos/videos and updating events.

And these were its main purposes by the way.

But, they are not the ONLY (NOW) because of social media marketing.

We may not have to put much emphasis on this one. Social media has also become a big influencer for businesses and perhaps you’ve seen businesses fail or succeed using it, right?

Social media has revolutionized business and evolved from being a social and personal site for ‘socializing,’ per say, but has turned into a giant venue for marketing your business. Yes, and following marketing should be revenue, but some businesses don’t just leverage it smartly. If they do, they would have experienced the following benefits of ‘SMARTsocial media marketing,

According to one survey, 81% (out of 685 people) marketers reported social media marketing generating more exposure for their businesses:



So, What Do You Get for Leveraging the Power of Social Media Strategically?

  1. Branding: Allowing customers to interact or connect with your business on a personal level, it is a powerful weapon to establishing your brand and making people closer and more engaged to your business. Following suit, social networks help develop the voice you uniquely own.
  1. Revenue: Social networks provide a huge venue for your campaigns and promotions and by means of advertising and building a community you will get it. Linking back to your website or social business page, social media is a ‘channel’ without you having to pay for space or airtime, eh?


  1. Lead generation: Attracting prospects and keeping old customers, social media let you interact and reach out, helping you make more followers and fans and make campaigns and promos effective.
  1. Data research: In business, competition is a must, as it creates a balance, and if you want to check out what your competitors are doing, log into social media. See what they’re cooking (promos, campaigns, contests…) and how they’re using social media to promote their business. Additionally, you can check out what your customers are saying about you and in the process it helps you devise ways on changing what they don’t like about your products or services or improving what they already do from feedbacks and reviews.
  1. Networking: Enhance the way you play—a clear message you’ll get from researching the way your competitors do business when keeping on track of what they do and one of those is networking. You can exchange ideas with like-minded groups and individuals, something valuable—especially when it comes to getting word-of-mouth referrals and knowledge-sharing.
  1. Recruitment: Talent search and employee hunt are two other purposes businesses are on social media. They advertise and find new people to fill in vacant company positions to give them that edge in terms of pooling the best professionals to become a part of their team. And this is one way to do smart business. If you want to build a successful one, get the best people. Sounds good?
  1. Search engine visibility: In case you don’t know yet, your rankings on search engines is also influenced by your social reach or size, meaning the bigger your following the higher your chances to rank on search engine results page (SERP).

The best part is that most business owners spend a considerable amount of time online on social media. That is always a great opportunity for you to generate quality B2B leads.


Well, there you have the benefits that you might have been missing have you not started utilizing the power of the people (for social media marketing) in spreading the good word about your business, reaching out to customers, networking with the biggest influencers and so on, need we say more?

So, don’t wait. Else, the business empire you’re aiming at may not even become a business hut. Think about it. Get out there—SMARTLY!

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