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4 Digital Marketing Tips for Christmas Merchants

christmas marketing tips

Christmas is the busiest season for merchants and retailers. No wonder, this is the time for shopping and gift giving. It’s also a no brainer to recognize that it’s your chance to make more money for your business, but that’s something you can only achieve if you’ll take some time reading on the following digital marketing tips for Christmas merchants we’ve prepared for you.

digital marketing tips for christmas

Digital Marketing Tips for Christmas Sellers

  1. Get more active on social media. It is indeed the new channel to promoting your business in a very cost-effective manner. What to do is to update your customers daily about your latest promos. Schedule your posts and keep your fans and followers informed about your upcoming discount sales this Christmas. It is not only your loyal customers but also new and potential customers that will be engaged and informed about the latest announcements in your company. Take note: Do not be overly promotional. Mix up your social media content by adding some value. You shouldn’t only post promos, but also valuable shopping tips, tutorials and a variety of other social media contents that will keep your followers and fans, not only updated but also interested in doing business with you for the value you are offering them.
  2. Appeal to emotions, one of the best digital marketing tips for Christmas! To do this, you can make a sense of urgency in your offers. This practice will include offering them cool products at low prices, but have them up for sale with a countdown. For instance, display a countdown timer for every product you put up at a discounted price, building a sense of urgency that gets users excited and eager to grab this promo because time will be running out soon. (E.g. gone in ____ hours, promo expiring today, you only have ___ left to buy…)
  3. Leverage your mailing lists! For years, you have worked hard to establish your mailing list, and now it is time to get it to work for your Christmas promos! Update your shoppers about upcoming sales and discount offers happening in a specific time. Getting them posted about these latest upcoming cool shopping events can help in augmenting your sales. Send them email newsletters to update them of upcoming events, but never spam and mislead them into something different other than what you promised in your mails.
  4. Offer FREE SHIPPING on high profit products. This is one way to dispose your expensive deals because it gives shoppers the impression of big savings by the mere fact you are offering them with free shipping. For sure, you know that one of the rewards people are seeking when shopping is paying, no shipment cost, so include this on your checklist of digital marketing tips for Christmas.

These tips all boil down to one: Tailor your content and marketing for the season to augment your bottom line. Be more competitive by engaging your audience with valuable content, promos and discounts and rewards. If you think we missed an important digital marketing tip for Christmas, we’re excited to read your comment below. Finally, share this article with your friends and social circles who are gearing up to shop this season.

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