3 Great Productivity Apps

Productivity apps are designed to save you time and make your life easier. In general, they are there to make your overall work life more productive and prolific. Ranging from central document management and time tracking to efficient communication and password management, these apps make your life more easier and focused allowing you to be more efficient. Important aspect is that you need a unified experience across all platforms, so you need apps that can essentially sync your data across your cell phone, tablet, laptop and workstation thereby allowing you to remain in touch with your content from anywhere at anytime. Following are some of useful apps we’ve compiled that will be really useful in your everyday life.

1. Dropbox 

Like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Drive and Box, Dropbox is a cloud based file management service that makes sure your files, media and documents are available on the go. Powered by Amazon S3 files, Dropbox provides a very reliable platform to store content and share with your coworkers, friends and family. Dropbox has 3 different pricing models – Free, Pro and Business. The free account comes with 2GB storage space with option to increase it further by referring Dropbox to your connections. The Pro version for $9.99/month comes with 1TB of storage and features more sharing options. The Dropbox for business version is for $15/user/month and does not cap limit on the storage. It’s perfect for business with data requirements greater than 1TB.

2. Lastpass

There are plenty of password management utilities out there, but Lastpass takes the lead with option to add multi-layered security by 2 Factor Authentication, ability to unlock your vault through your Fingerprint and cryptographic USB known as Yubi Key. The lastpass provides extensions in popular browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari which allow users to authenticate directly into their websites. It’s free to use, but also features a premium version for $1/month and business version for $2/month. The premium version makes Lastpass available on cell phone devices whereas the business version provides central password management for an enterprise. Since the passwords are store as 128 bit hash keys in the Cloud, your data remains safe since the passwords can only be accessed through your encryption key. Therefore, the stronger encryption password you use, the better your security is. It’s recommended to avail the option of finger print authentication and multi factor authentication to add several security layers over your passwords.

3. OneNote 

OneNote is an essential tool that allows you to manage your notes. It’s particularly helpful when you require to save any piece of useful information, be it text, media or spreadsheets. The data is synced to your Microsoft OneDrive, so it’s available to you everywhere. A great feature for OneNote is that you never have to save anything, because the moment you enter data into OneNote, it’s automatically synced locally and with Cloud. The notes are divided into Workbooks, Sections and Pages. If you have a stylus and touch enabled device, you can directly write into the notes, thereby reliving you to carry notebooks or registers to write content on. It’s a great tool where you can manage all your office files and take notes from meeting. You can email your notes directly from OneNote, without having to type the handwritten notes again. For teams, it’s a very productive tool because multiple team members can use OneNote as a Workspace to add their thoughts, ideas or plans.

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