Shinjiru’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Event

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Malaysian home-grown innovator, Shinjiru, is the first in Malaysia to have successfully delivered a hybrid cloud solution using Microsoft’s Cloud platform & productivity solutions.

This event showcased Shinjiru’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) capability. Hosted locally here in Malaysia on 19th January 2016, the event highlighted Shinjiru’s ability to extend out to Microsoft’s public Azure Cloud for global DR strategy.

The event received a very good response from public and key players in industry.

Some of the notable speakers and their respective topics in the event were as follows:

  1. Ravi Ravishankar Nandagopalan of Clouddesk (World-class Azure based DR from Shinjiru)
  2. Ong Kok Leong of Rhipe (New Generation of Best Practices for Cloud-Disaster Recovery)
  3. Gavin Loh (Cloud or Haze?)
  4. Ratnam Subramaniam (My experience implementing Disaster Recovery in my 30 years IT Career)

Following are some of the photos from the event:


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Top 10 Mobile Apps of 2015

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What are the top 10 mobile apps of 2015? The Internet has shifted from desktop to mobile, and that means better accessibility! We can take our work anywhere through mobile computing using our Smartphones, tablets and any device. On that note, we’ve decided to create a list of the best mobile apps that have changed the game for the most of us. In case you still don’t have these, maybe it’s time you should. Check them out.

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4 Digital Marketing Tips for Christmas Merchants

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Christmas is the busiest season for merchants and retailers. No wonder, this is the time for shopping and gift giving. It’s also a no brainer to recognize that it’s your chance to make more money for your business, but that’s something you can only achieve if you’ll take some time reading on the following digital marketing tips for Christmas merchants we’ve prepared for you.

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How to Leverage Social Media to Promote Your Blog

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Keeping up with the battle on organic reach, you’re using social media in content marketing, which is said to be the cure to increase audience engagement and eventually traffic to your blog. Now, how do you use social media wisely to work on your side? Check out this blog and learn of the major tips and tricks on leveraging Facebook, Twitter and the likes in content marketing.

promote blog on social media

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Six Digital Marketing Tips for a Mobile App Business

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Apps are the new websites, literally. Now, consumers can access a business from their pockets or handbags, whether they’re in the supermarket or in the park. They don’t have to log into their desktop in order to obtain information about a business because everything they need is in the app. Mobile devices have paved the way for your mobile app business to flourish and prosper, just like what your company website can do.  In this case, the same effort has to be applied for your mobile apps in terms of digital marketing that begins with the following tips.

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Four Reasons to Build a Responsive Website

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Gone are those days when visitors had to find and view websites only on their desktop computers because there are now responsive websites that let them see or read content on their smartphones and tablets without them having to pinch and pull website pages so that they can zoom in and read text. So if you’re doing business online, you probably have been considering the fact of building or upgrading to a responsive website. Here are good reasons to do so:

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